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for percussion ensemble ( 5.5' )

instrumentation (11-12 players):


three vibraphones, three marimbas (one 5.0 octave), glockenspiel, crotales, chimes, djembe, synth (opt.)



Historically ranging from Classical lore or science fiction, the “aether” has been a commonly drawn upon entity throughout time. According to Sir Isaac Newtown, the aether was a medium which permeated all of space, which enabled all light and energy to traverse through it.


In Aether, this concept is established in the opening moments of the work. From this constant shimmer, sonorities emerge and evolve before finally returning to its original state. 


Aether was commissioned by William Register and the Ashley Ridge High School Percussion Ensemble.

Available through Tapspace.

World Premiere: March 2018 (Indianapolis, IN)                   

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