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for percussion ensemble ( 5.5' )

instrumentation (12-13 players):


vibraphone, three marimbas (one 5.0 octave, or optional version for low-A), glockenspiel, chimes, xylophone, timpani, percussion



Voyager is a light-hearted work for percussion ensemble inspired by the life of my spoiled dog, Charles. As a programmatic depiction of his average day during the summer, this work is comprised of five episodes which musically illustrate everything from his lazy mornings to his exhilarating evening car rides. Of note, the main motif in Voyager is derived from the musical spelling of Charles’ name.

A Sluggish Awakening

Morning Zooms

Dreaming of Chasing Cats

Midday Voracity

Evening Flight

Voyager was commissioned by Chris Nguyen and the Salyards Middle School Percussion Ensemble (Cypress, Texas) for their performance at The Midwest Clinic in 2022.

Available through Tapspace.

World Premiere: December 2022 (Chicago, IL)                   

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