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IMG_0376.JPG 2014-7-8-18:42:43


for mallet sextet (4')


instrumentation (6 players):


two vibraphones, three marimbas (two 4.3 & one 5.0), glockenspiel, crotales



After almost two years without composing any original music for percussion, witnessing the grit and hard work from my students at Lamar University over the course of the eventful 2020-2021 year inspired me to write this short but deeply meaningful piece for mallet sextet. Of note, my admiration of Murcof and Vanessa Wagner’s 2016 album Statea is evidenced throughout (in particular, their adaptation of Philip Glass’s Metamorphosis 2).

Ephemera was written for and premiered by the Lamar University Percussion Ensemble in May 2021.

World Premiere: May 7, 2021 (Beaumont, TX)       


Available soon through Tapspace Music.           


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