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for percussion ensemble ( 9' )

instrumentation (14 players)



Affinity is a work for percussion orchestra dedicated to my wife, Kaitlin, and the commissioning ensemble, Justin Schramm and the Prior Lake High School Percussion Ensemble (Savage, MN).


In early 2022, Justin approached me with an idea for a large ensemble work to commemorate the tenth anniversary of his wonderful students at Prior Lake, which also happened to coincide with my (almost) 8 years of life with Kaitlin. Seeking a method to naturally create an impactful work without overtly forcing a “story,” I looked towards the innate characteristics of music and the structures that bind it together. With this in mind, I chose the simplest form of a cycle, the octave, to push the musical narrative in Affinity, both through its inherent numerical values and its role in melodic tension & release.


Affinity was premiered by the Prior Lake High School Percussion Ensemble in May 2023.

Available through Tapspace.

World Premiere: May 2023 (Savage, MN)                   

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