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Over the past few summers, I have had the opportunity to perform and conduct a variety of workshops for the students of the Escuela de Arte Aristades Crespo Villegas (Artisades Crespo Villegas School of Art) in the city of Esquintla, Guatemala. Made up of about fifty students between the age of five and sixteen years old, this small conservatory is an after-school program dedicated to educating young people through the arts. Whether a student is in the marimba band, painting class, choir, string orchestra, or guitar ensemble, these young artists are kept off the streets and have the opportunity to enrich their lives through art.

Though the school has minimal funding from municipal

resources, this lack of financial support has forced an annual

tuition payment of 80 quetzales (approximately US$10)

from each pupil. Though this fee may seem nominal, many

families struggle to find these means due to the economic

struggles throughout the country.


After growing up around the missionary activities of my parents,

I have made it a mission to help others who are less fortunate

through my passion for music. In addition to the support of

our ventures for education and performance, any donations

and contributions (sticks, mallets, percussion accessories, practice pads, etc.) would greatly aid the effort of enriching these young artists' lives.


If you would like to sponsor a child's tuition or donate to this cause in any other way, please feel free to contact me at Thanks!

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