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for solo drum & playback (6.5')




solo snare drum (with or without snares) & playback (unaided)




Named after the rhythmically static astronomical entity, Pulsar is the result my exploitation of a reoccurring rhythmic and melodic motif. Sonically mimicking the massive density of the neutron star, the active interplay between the live performer and playback is notably inspired by the electronic music of Moderat and the rudimental style of Mike McIntosh.

Pulsar was commissioned by a consortium of percussionists in the summer of 2016: Logan Ball, Nick Bolchoz, Ben Cato, Korry Friend (organizer), Eliot Johnson, Dr. Lamon Lawhorn, Joseph MacMorran, Dr. Bradley Meyer, & Russell Wharton.

World Premiere: October 5, 2016 (Greensboro, NC)                   

Available from Tapspace Publications.    

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