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for percussion ensemble (5')


instrumentation (8 players):


two vibraphones, two marimbas (both 5.0 oct.), glockenspiel, one percussion



First predicted by Einstein through his special theory of relativity, “gravitational time dilation” is an astronomical phenomenon whereby it was theorized (and recently proven) that time is not an absolute unit of measure in our universe. Simply put, time dilation indicates that the faster an object in our universe travels, the more the “experience” of time is affected (slower) compared to another object in a different environment. This effect was dramatized in Christopher Nolan’s film, Interstellar, where an hour-long trek onto a planet near a supermassive blackhole (source of a large amount of gravity) lasted seven years on Earth.


Inspired by this phenomenon, Time Dilation is the result of my light exploration of this effect. Initiating with a 5-count riff, the work’s main motif permeates through a variety of harmonic and polyrhythmic structures to create an energetic atmosphere, dilating back and forth between metric feels.

Time Dilation was commissioned by James Campbell for the PASIC 2019 Collegiate All-Star Percussion Ensemble.

World Premiere: November 15, 2019 (Indianapolis, IN)       


Available now through Tapspace Publications.           

time dilation

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