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for percussion quartet (7')




player 1 | congas, bongos, opera gong, crash cymbal

player 2 | toms (4), metal plate, crash cymbal, china cymbal

player 3 | field drum, snare drum, ribbon crasher, crash cymbal, splash cymbal, china cymbal

player 4 | bass drum, low tom, brake drum, crash cymbal




Volcán de Fuego is a work for percussion quartet inspired by my trip to Guatemala in the summer of 2013. During a stop at La Antigua, I witnessed the incredible sight of the three massive volcanoes surrounding the rustic, colonial city and could not keep myself from imagining the awesome, raw power these massive giants could emanate. I hoped to convey these three volcánes in the work through the substantial use of bombastic three-note motives and groupings. The title, however, refers to the only dangerous active volcano of the three - "volcano of fire" - which has posed a serious threat to La Antigua throughout its history.



Volcán de Fuego was premiered by the TCU Percussion Ensemble on April 14, 2014.


Available through C. Alan Publications.

volcán de fuego

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